Prod Antzoulis is a Cypriot born photographer, videographer and creative director raised in Dubai that delves in the kitch, nostalgic and off kilter. With an aesthetic firmly rooted in the Middle East, Prod captures the on-ground lifestyle, consumer culture and day in the life of the diverse communities across the region, attempting to unearth and highlight the unique intricacies of a rich patchwork identity that has been reworked and molded countless times over by external cultural influences.

By revisiting the delirium and chaos of the streets of a region mapped by a complex tangle of visual codes and isolated cultural fragments, Prod attempts to narrate his own journey, mapping reference points which allow him to decipher his own multi-faceted, cross-cultural identity. His work reflects with unadulterated authenticity the inward journey of self-discovery and understanding he has set for himself, externalized through an honest and unedited series of moments revealing the eccentricities, simplicity and particularities of places and people, all side by side.

In this sense, Prod’s work is both relatable and intimate, deeply reliant on the human connections from which he draws inspiration, and on the nuances within the relationships cultivated with each of his subjects. By nurturing a sense of comfort and familiarity, Prod seeks to capture the veiled rawness that lies within a frame, allowing for his subject’s truth, be it an object, moment or individual to speak for itself.

Since his first ever selfie shot on a Polaroid i-zone back in 2006 at the age of 12, Prod has been shooting exclusively on film, turning his passion for photography into a profession after he was commissioned to shoot the final collection of an Omani CSM graduate. He has since moved into videography after unearthing his father’s old VHS camcorder from one of his family’s storage boxes, committed to perpetuating his body of work through channels embodying that sense of intimate nostalgia with which he navigates reality.

With a portfolio of work that spans the region, from Cyprus, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, to the UAE where he spent his childhood, Prod’s compositions bring focus to the influence of heritage in everyday corners of modern life, depicting silent yet powerful symbols that create an implicit language that is instantly recognizable by the new third culture generation.

Prod has been featured in renowned international household names such as Vogue Italia, GQ, Schon!, and Oyster Magazine, as well as regional publications such as Vogue Arabia, CNN Arabic, Mille World, GQ Middle East, and Emirates Woman, and has worked closely with iconic brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Red Valentino, Okthein and Amina Muaddi. Although much of his more recognized work is drawn from commissions with global, iconic labels, Prod’s passion and heart have never left the landscape lived by the local and emergent which spawned his career and growth as an artist, from which he continues to derive purpose and meaning.

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